Reflex Plus Adult Cat Food with Tuna & Shrimp (Wet Food)

Reflex Plus Pouch Adult Cat Tuna & Shrimp - Chunks in Jelly

Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives (5% tuna), molluscs and crustaceans (5% shrimp), minerals, inulin (0.1%).

Nutrient Components

Crude Protein 8%
Crude Fat %5
Crude Ash %2
Crude Cellulose  %0,3
Moisture 83%

Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin D3 250 UI/kg
Vitamin E  15 UI/kg
Copper (Copper (||) sulfate pentahydrate) 1 mg/kg
Manganese (manganese (||)sulfate, monohydrate)  1 mg/kg
Biotin  20 mg/kg
Taurin 445 mg/kg
Zinc (Zinc sulfate, monohydrate)  15 mg/kg

•1 pack is 1 meal. An adult cat (average weight 4 kg) eats 3 meals a day.
•Individual needs vary by age, breed, or activity.
•Drinking water should always be available.
•It should be served at room temperature.