Reflex Tuna Fillet Treats for Cats

Tuna Fillet

Reflex natural super premium cat treats are easily digestible with their high meat content. Since it is low in calories, it will not make your cat gain weight. The fatty acids in its content support your cat's skin and coat health.

Tuna (85%), Potato Starch, Sorbitol, Glycerine, Plant Protein, Animal Protein, Salt

Nutrient Components

Crude Protein 35%
Crude Fat 3,5%
Crude Ash 4%
Crude Cellulose 0,5%
Moisture 28%

•Recommended as a reward treat for all adult cats. 
•It can be given as an additional snack to meals.
•This product is not intended to replace daily cat food.
•Make sure there is always clean drinking water for your cat next to the food bowl.
•Not suitable for human consumption.
•Store in a dry and cool place.