​Reflex Plus Mother ​​&​​ Baby Cat Food with Lamb

A super premium dry cat food with lamb and rice, fully and balanced formulated for mother & baby cats.

Ingredients: Dried lamb protein , Hydrolyzed lamb protein , Rice , Corn , Chicken fat , Brewer's yeast , Hydrolyzed fiber , Hydrolysed chicken liver , Xylo-oligosaccharides , Yucca schidigera , L-carnitine , Vitamin and mineral blend , Natural preservatives - antioxidants (E320 & E321).

Minerals: Iron (3B103) 320 mg/kg Iodine (3B202) 1,2 mg/kg Copper (3B405) 45 mg/kg Manganese (3B502) 20 mg/kg Zinc (3B603) 180 mg/kg Selenium (3B802) 0,9 mg/kg

Vitamins: Vitamin A (3A672A) 18000 IU/kgVitamin D3 (3a671) 1500 IU/kgVitamin E (3a700) 200 mg/kgVitamin C (3a300) 200 mg/kgTaurine (3A370) 1500 mg/kg.

Nutrient Components

Crude Protein 32%
Crude Fat  22%
Crude Ash 7%
Crude Cellulose 2%

Nutritional Supplements

Vitamine A (3A672A)  18,000 IU/kg
Vitamine D3 (3A671) 1,500 IU/kg
Vitamine E (3A700)  200 mg/kg
Vitamine C (3A300) 200 mg/kg
Taurin (3A370)  1,500 mg/kg

Recommended daily feeding amount (gram per day) according to the cat's bodyweight (kg) and silhouette (A- Thin, B-Normal or C-Overweight), see chart.

•Daily ration can vary linked to ambient temperature, cat's lifestyle (indoor-outdoor), temperament and activity.

• In order to ensure ideal body weight of your cat, weigh out the quantity of food.

• To provide the correct portions, assess your cat's appetite, visual appearance and stools.

• Switch over from one food to another should be done gradually by mixing small amounts of both foods during a period of one week.

• Always keep fresh water available.

• Keep the product in a dry and cool place and be sure the food bag is properly closed after each feeding.

• Not suitable for human consumption

• Batch number, factory registration number and best before date, see packaging.